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Quantum and Non-Linear Dynamics

The work of the DQNL group deals with the application of dynamic systems theory to physical systems, both in the classical and quantum fields. His approach is highly interdisciplinary, with strong collaborations with mathematicians and with groups carrying out experimental work in physics and chemistry. The main specificity of the last few years has been the development of techniques to control quantum systems using electromagnetic fields (lasers, radio frequencies and magnetic fields), as well as applications of Hamiltonian dynamics to non-linear optics.

Hans-Rudolf Jauslin


Tél : 03 80 39 59 70


Research topics

Quantum control by electromagnetic fields (adiabatic and optimal)

Classic and quantum dynamics

Non-linear optics

Control of atomic and molecular systems

Quantum information and technologies

Quantum plasmonics

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging


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