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Dynamics and Quantum Technologies Team – DyTeQ

The DyTeQ team brings together theoretical physicists and mathematicians who aim to develop models of quantum systems and non-linear processes, to analyze and simulate their dynamics, in particular their control by external fields. These studies are based on the development and application of mathematical methods in dynamical systems theory, differential and algebraic geometries, field theory and control theory. These methods are mainly used in the field of quantum technologies, such as quantum optics, quantum information, quantum simulations and quantum control. Numerous experimental collaborations allow these approaches to be applied to devices as varied as quantum plasmonics, Bose-Einstein condensates, magnetic resonance or superconducting circuits.

Hans-Rudolf Jauslin


Tél : 03 80 39 59 70


Research topics

Quantum control by electromagnetic fields (adiabatic and optimal)

Classic and quantum dynamics

Non-linear optics

Control of atomic and molecular systems

Quantum information and technologies

Quantum plasmonics

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging


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