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The Photonics Department (Ph. Dept.) at ICB is strong of 30 permanent staff, and has been built around the following 4 teams :

Philippe GRELU


Phone : +33 (0)3 80 39 60 15

Near-Field Optics

The Near-Field Optics group (OCP), which has developed advanced sub-wavelength imagery, field and particle manipulation in the arena of light-matter interaction for about twenty years.

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Femtosecond Processes & Intense Lasers

The Intense Laser Femtosecond Processes (PFL) team, which acquired a leading expertise in the field of molecular dynamics generation, and molecular alignment control in particular, through ultrashort pulse shaping.

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Solitons, Lasers and Optical Communication

The Solitons, Lasers and Optical Communication group (SLCO), based on a strong coupling between experimentalists and theoreticians of nonlinear optical dynamics. It aims at developing innovative advanced optical functionalities taking advantage of light properties in various nonlinear propagation environments.

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Submicron Optics and Nanosensor

One part of the Submicron Optics and Nanosensor (OSNC) group, whose expertise includes plasmonics, nanofabrication, conception of micro-optical devices and sensors. The other part of OSCN is bound to the Nanoscience Dept., leading to sustained interactions between the two Departments.

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During the past few years, the high level of recurrent interactions and collaborations among the above teams made it clear that the Ph. Dept. was the most relevant structure level to encompass the photonics research performed at ICB. Note that the Ph. Dept. has also developed fruitful interactions with the Dept. of Quantum Interactions and Control.

The Ph. Dept. is the key contributor to the “Photonic and advanced materials” research topic identified – among six – as a strategic field at the level of uB. At the Burgundy Region and National levels (CPER), the Ph. Dept. benefits from the support of the regional project « Photcom/ACTION » conducted within the framework of the LabeX ACTION headed at the university of Franche-Comté.

The presentation of the activities conducted at the Ph. Dept. can be grouped in the following topical areas:

  • Light-mediated control processes
  • Advanced nonlinear optical dynamics
  • Plasmonics: from fundamentals to applications
  • Solid-state laser sources for applications

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