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Quantum Interactions & Control (ICQ)

The department “Quantum Interactions and Control” or “Interactions et Contrôle Quantique” (ICQ) in French includes two groups of theoreticians whose research interests focus on quantum systems and their interactions, including control of quantum systems by electromagnetic fields, quantum nano-optics & information, nonlinear dynamics with applications in fiber optics, dynamics of reactive collisions and spectroscopy.

The work of its members is characterized by a broad interdisciplinary approach, with strong collaborations with groups in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Planetology and Astrophysics. Both groups have a large set of collaborations with experimental groups, both locally and at the national and international level.

The SMPCA group has a well-established expertise in the domain of molecular spectroscopy. With the arrival of three new members during the period of the preceding contract, its domain has been extended to include reaction dynamics. The group has emphasized applications in environmental atmospheric physics, astrophysics and planetology. It also focuses on the diffusion of molecular spectroscopic data, in particular through the VAMDC (Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre) European consortium.

The work of the DQNL group deals with the application of the theory of dynamical systems to physical systems, both in the classical and the quantum realms. Its approach is highly interdisciplinary, with strong collaborations with mathematicians and with groups doing experimental work in physics and in chemistry. The main specificity over the recent years has been the development of techniques to control quantum systems with electromagnetic fields (lasers, radiofrequency and magnetic fields), as well as applications of Hamiltonian dynamics to nonlinear optics.

Vincent BOUDON


Phone : +33 (0)3 80 39 59 10

Hans-Rudolf Jauslin


Phone : +33 (0)3 80 39 59 70


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