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The ICB laboratory’s solidarity effort to face the Covid-19

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The COMM (Design, Optimization and Mechanical Modeling) and Nanosciences departments of the ICB laboratory are mobilized and provide support to face the emergency and the need for medical equipment for the nursing staff of the CHU Dijon and Belfort-Montbéliard.

Two ICB teacher-researchers support the design and manufacture of protective elements in the “Crunch Lab" of the UTBM

Collaborative work has been initiated between the HNFC and the UTBM around two projects to guarantee the safety of the hospital’s nursing staff when caring for patients with COVID 19, and in particular in intensive care. These two UTBM projects not only help find an alternative to disposable protective masks, for which hospitals have supply difficulties, but also further enhance the effectiveness of the barrier measures put in place.

The first project concerns the adaptation of the Decathlon brand full-face diving mask. This mask model has been modified by the addition of a plastic part printed in 3D, thus allowing, by a connection mechanism, to accommodate specific respiratory filters. This modification guarantees optimal protection of personnel against inhalation of the virus, in addition to protection against splashes on the face provided by wearing a mask.

At the same time, the second project concerns the development of a visor offering suitable protection, for carrying out certain treatments. This prototype was designed to be produced on a large scale via a laser cutting system, from readily available materials. This device is more covering than simple protective glasses and guarantees non-contamination in the event of projection. It is intended to be used in all the services of the NHFC, in addition to wearing the FFP2 mask.

Manufacture of filters for artificial respirators by 3D printer for the CHU Dijon

Faced with the lack of protective masks and more generally of medical equipment, the OSNC team of the Nanosciences department of the ICB donated masks, gloves, overshoes, and held to meet the needs of the CHU Dijon. This same team initiated, at the request of the hospital center, the design of a filter for the respiratory systems.

The artificial respirators in question relay the lungs to supply oxygen to the blood. In many cases, the Covid-19 virus severely alters the airways so that an oxygen mask is no longer enough. It is therefore necessary to supplement the lungs the time for the membrane to heal.

Nicolas Pocholle (IE Sayens), Eric Bourillot et Eric Lesniewska hope for a fast delivery date for the raw materials (transparent polymer and screen) to start manufacturing next Monday April 6 with a printing rate of 3 filters per day by joining 24h / 24h.

Prototype filter for respiratory systems – N. Pocholle


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