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Guy Millot is named Fellow EOS 2019/2020

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After becoming a 2019 senior IUF member, Guy Millot, teacher-researcher in the Photonics department (Carnot Interdisciplinary laboratory in Burgundy), obtains a new distinction and becomes Fellow of the European Optical Society 2019-2020.

This new distinction rewards his work and his exceptional contribution to university research in the field of optics and photonics as well as his investment in the Société Européenne d’Optique.

Guy Millot has also made numerous contributions to the SFO (Société Française d’Optique) by recently becoming the general president of the largest international congress of the optical sectors in France (OPTIQUE DIJON 2021)

Portrait of a researcher – ISITE-BFC “fellowships"

Guy Millot, winner of a UBFC Senior fellowship

Guy Millot, physicist is responsible for many pioneering contributions to the field of nonlinear optical physics, including laser spectroscopy and ultrafast guided optics. His numerous scientific breakthroughs and his numerous publications in highly recognized journals (such as Nature Photonics, Advances in Optics and Photonics, Light: Science and Applications or Communication Physics) have earned him international fame: he is considered one of the world experts in multiple fields such as optical solitons and self-similar pulses, incoherent and multimode nonlinear optics or even double comb spectroscopy. The quality of his research has been recognized with two prestigious prizes: membership of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) and the CNRS silver medal.


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