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Dijon, showcase of the largest Optics congress in France and the largest international French-speaking congress

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From July 5 to 9, the OPTIQUE Dijon 2021 Congress was held at the Palais des Congrès in Dijon, organized under the chairmanship of Guy MILLOT and under the aegis of the Société Française d'Optique.

This major biennial congress was able to highlight the richness and vigor of all optical sectors in France. The event gave a global vision of cutting-edge research from fundamental to applied, industrial developments and educational innovations through several broad-spectrum plenary conferences, associated with numerous thematic conferences and poster sessions.

Great scientific luminaries have responded: the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics (Prof. Gérard Mourou), several CNRS silver medalists and members of the Institut Universitaire de France, imminent researchers from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden, Quebec.

In addition to the scientific presentations, a session devoted to industrial relations and an educational session also provided fertile ground for discussion.

Optics are everywhere and no one knows it!

The laser is at the base of this technological revolution. Without this science of light, no internet, no LED lighting, no smartphones… It is the main source of innovation in an exponentially growing number of fields: for example fiber optic communication networks, smartphones, etc. solar panels, automation of vehicles equipped with optical Lidar radars, 3D printers, drones, virtual / augmented reality headsets, LEDs (economical lighting, high-resolution screens, plant cultivation, brain therapy, reader bar codes, CD and DVD player, optical LiFi wifi), and also health care, security, defense, security …

Research and technological advances related to light are formidable factors of economic growth and cultural evolution, respectful of the environment. Optics offers innovative and unique solutions that surpass conventional electronic technologies in terms of speed, capacity and precision: fiber optic links, resolution of heat emission issues in data centers, optical biopsies, fluid analysis, early and non-invasive cancer diagnosis …

A congress in accordance with the values of gender parity

In symbiosis with the “Women and Physics, achieving parity in optics" commission, the congress aims to propose solutions to increase the number of women working in the optics sector, at all levels of responsibility. OPTIQUE DIJON 2021 thus aims to ensure that half of the invited lectures (plenary and thematic) are given by women.

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The organization of this congress is a strong recognition of the excellence of research in Optics in Dijon and more generally in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. The local organizing committee relied on local forces; it is made up in particular of members of the ICB laboratory in Dijon, the FEMTO-ST institute in Besançon, the SATT SAYENS, the CEA Valduc, the L2n in Troyes. A large number of young researchers, mainly doctoral and post-doctoral students participated in this congress.

Pr. Gérard MOUROU

Physicien et prix Nobel de physique 2018


Directeur de Recherche CNRS, ICB

Bertrand KIBLER

Chercheur CNRS, ICB

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