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Physics applied to proteins

The team is made up of three permanent staff: Dr. Patrick SENET, Dr. Patrice DELARUE and Dr. Adrien NICOLAI, as well as 2 doctoral students Fatima BARAKAT and Paul GRASSEIN (thesis).

Patrick SENET


Tél : 
03 80 39 59 22

Research topics

  • Molecular chaperones (HSP70, HSP110) & Cancer
  • Modeling of protein structures and inhibitors
  • Conformational dynamics, slow modes and protein folding
  • Glass-like transition of proteins
  • Water physics and hydrogen bonds
  • Chemical reactivity & electronic properties of proteins
  • Single molecule spectroscopy (proteins)


  • March and April 2014: organization of biophysics seminars: Adrien Nicolaï (RPI, USA), Yoann Cote (University of Strasbourg), François Sicard (University of Toulouse), Marcellini Moreno (University of Uppsala).
  • January 2014: publication of a chapter on protein dynamics at Springer
  • December 2013: elucidation of the mechanism by which ATP induces a conformational change of HSP70 by molecular dynamics and analysis of the free energy landscape (published in Plos Computational Biology)



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