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Rémi Delatte and Valérie Pécresse visiting the ICB laboratory

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Mr. Rémi Delatte, Member of Parliament for the 2nd constituency of Côte d´Or, and Ms. Valérie Pécresse, former Minister of Higher Education and Research, came to discover the research activities of the ICB laboratory on October 14th. Welcomed by Stéphane Guérin, director of the Interdisciplinary Carnot laboratory in Burgundy, the deputy and the former minister were able to appreciate the multidisciplinary skills of the institute, but also meet the deputy directors of the site before visiting the technological installations of the platform of micro / nano characterization (ARCEN).

The ARCEN Carnot technological platform

During his visit, Mr. Delatte and Ms. Pécresse were able to discover a transmission electron microscope making it possible to visualize atoms, in this case ruthenium particles, involved in the storage of hydrogen. The ARCEN platform offers know-how in the production of functional nano-objects and the physicochemical characterization of multi-scale materials.

“It is exceptional that we can start from the fundamental in order to have unique technologies and be able to develop an industrial application. “- Valérie Pécresse

From fundamental research to industrial applications

It was also an opportunity to present to them research in the field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies – the characterization and numerical modeling of materials and the living world (viruses, proteins, DNA, tumors, cells). The main fields of application are the design and manufacture of innovative nanoscopic devices for medicine (diagnosis and therapy), the characterization and manufacture of materials in collaboration with industrial partners, and the development of new microscopy techniques.


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