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Outstanding APS Referee : An award-winning ICB researcher

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Dominique Sugny, University Professor in Physics at the ICB laboratory has been appointed Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society.

Each article is submitted to one of the Physical review journals, it is generally appraised by 2 independent referees who submit a report, propose corrections and accept or not the publication of the article. The author can then submit the article with these corrections and the referees work again until the article is publishable.

Established in 2008, the Outsanding Referree program annually recognizes scientists who have been exceptionally helpful in evaluating manuscripts for publication in APS journals. Through this program, APS expresses its gratitude to all referees, whose peer review efforts keep journal standards high, but in many cases also help authors improve quality and readability of their articles.

For the scientific journal Physical Review, there are currently 71,000 referees. Each year, the journal distinguishes referees for the quality and number of reports. This number is around 150. Among them, Dominique Sugny was honored this year.


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