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Nuit Européenne des chercheur.e.s 2020 : Petits secrets nocturnes

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La Nuit Européenne des Chercheur.e. offers three activities around the theme “Petits Secrets Nocturnes":

  • a web documentary allowing you to take a stroll through the night’s devices (the secret factory, the secret behind the door or the secret station) to meet 10 researchers,
  • a national “speed searching”, upon registration, to interact with three surprise researchers during 8-minute sequences in small virtual salons,
  • a TV show, live, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., on Friday 27, with night researchers, in an astonishing setting and answering your questions, on the YouTube channel of the European Night of Researchers in Dijon.

See you on Friday, November 27!

What is being a researcher?

From hypothesis to result, a whole bunch of key elements follow one another, nested like gears. This knowledge machine can only function if all these elements are present and functional. So, are you ready to step back to the other side of the mirror to discover the nuts and bolts of successful research? For this 16th edition, fourteen cities invite you to come and meet these people, who work daily to advance collective knowledge. Under the lantern of little nocturnal secrets, they will confide in you to tell you about the process of their profession but also the peculiarities of their profession and the subtleties they may encounter during their work. Various interactive devices will allow you to meet researchers face to face or in the dark, to illustrate the distortion of information, to play with anonymous researchers or to discover many others aspects of this profession. So listen up and come and listen to the hundreds of researchers involved in this event to tell you their secrets … But shhh, this must remain a little secret at night!


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