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Jeux de lumières by Edouard Barra

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This exhibition questions our relationship to light through photography. Light is the very essence of this art: to photograph is to write with light. It allows you to sculpt spaces, to highlight and also to hide. But what is light? Can we really write with it? Where is she from ? In this exhibition, Edouard Barra combines experiences and artistic vision around light and its representations. With the help of researchers: Vincent Boubon, Maxence Lepers, Cyril Richard, Olivier Faucher, Pierre Béjot, Cloë Vautrin, Frédéric Chaussard …

  • Exhibition to be discovered until October 29, 2021during the opening hours of the cultural center.
  • The “pass sanitaire" must be presented at reception.
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Réseaux – L’Émission 

  • Edouard Barra, photographer in residence at the ICB

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