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First metal 3D printing machine at UTBM, a unique process in France

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Through its LERMPS laboratory at the ICB laboratory, the UTBM has been recognized internationally for its work on surface treatments. As a pioneer, it has been developing a complementary metal additive manufacturing activity for 20 years.

In order to strengthen its research, the University has just acquired an additive manufacturing machine of the SLM (Selective Laser Melting) type equipped with a “green" laser (with a wavelength of 515 nm). This new process, unique in France, thus completes a fleet of SLM metal additive manufacturing machines, in addition to other processes. It is in fact the first system of this type to be acquired in France (another is currently being rented in the Paris region). There are currently only seven in the world.

This equipment reinforces UTBM's capacities for 3D printing of copper and copper alloy components, the subject of research work for several years within its teams (development of specific alloys, process development, metallurgical studies , characterization of the properties of the materials thus produced, etc.). It thus completes the range of (micro) manufacturing means available via the MIFHySTO platform for shaping watchmaking alloys in particular.

The targeted applications are multiple: heat sinks, electromagnets, inductors, electronic and watch parts, luxury goods, etc

The new equipment, now in service, will make it possible to produce parts with more complex geometries than those previously available. It serves as a support for research work, either on its own or in conjunction with industrial partners, and will very quickly find its place in the various specialist courses provided at UTBM.


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