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Plasmonics, Resonant nanophotonIcs and SubMicron optics (PRISM)

  • Physics of sub-lambda media
  • Nonlinear nanophotonics
  • Nanophotonic and plasmonic components
  • Nanophotonic and plasmonic circuitry
  • Integrated optical nanosources
  • Quantum plasmonics


Tél : 03 80 39 60 10


Tél : 03 80 39 90 67

  • Electro-plasmonic devices

We are developing nanoscale components based on a reversible transduction between electron and a photon using optical gap antennas. Our concept provides novel approaches where the light source and the detector can be integrated into a single metallic nanostructure. At the core of this family of device is an atomic-scale tunnel gap whereby optical rectification, inelastic tunneling, and hot carriers can reciprocally mix photons and electrons with ultrafast conversion dynamics. 

  • Non-linear plasmonics

Plasmonic nanostructures exhibit various non-linear phenomena under near infrared pulsed illumination. Amongst the most important one are the emission of second harmonic and the presence of broadband nonlinear photoluminescence (N-PL) The spectral and time characteristics of the N-PL are dictated by the plasmonic landscape and the dynamics of hot carriers created in the metal  N-PL is thus a valuable observable to monitor how surface plasmons develop in various geometries as well as hot-electron properties in plasmonic nanoscale objects. We are implementing control strategies acting upon the plasmonic landscape and the surface density of the electrons in order to create active functional plasmonic-based devices such as universal Boolean gates.

  • Quantum plasmonics

We are interested in transposing the concepts of cavity quantum electrodynamics (cQED) to plasmonics and nanophotonics. This would ensure a better understanding of the light-matter interaction at the nanoscale and should permit to adapt optical microcavity devices (e.g. low threshold laser, coherent single photon source, superradiance, …) to nano-optics.

In collaboration with the Quantum Interactions and Control Dept. at ICB, we develop an effective non Hermitian Hamiltonian and derive Lindblad equations of the dynamics that exactly transposes cQED concepts into plasmonics. Particular attention is devoted to considering leakage and absorption losses and fully describe their effect on the emitter-plasmon coupling process. Simple and precise understanding of the energy exchange in full analogy with cQED treatment and a dressed atom picture is developed. Fano states and collective dissipator associated to radiation leakages are introduced. Classical (oscillating dipoles in complex environment) or semi-classical (two-level systems coupled to classical electromagnetic fields) models are systematically compared to full quantum approach facilitating the physical representation and the role of quantum corrections when available. Strong coupling regime and collective effects are considered with applications such as non classical light generation, bright and ultrafast optical nanosources, or nanomaterials engineering.


  • J. Arocas (AI)
  • A. Bouhelier (DR CNRS)
  • B. Cluzel (MCF HDR)
  • A. Coillet
  • G. Colas des Francs (PR)
  • O. Demichel (CR CNRS)
  • K. Hammani (MCF)
  • L. Salomon (MCF)
  • M. Petit
  • C. Riffault (Tech gestion admin)
  • J.-C. Weeber (PR)
  • Y. Brûlé
  • M. Gourier
  • D. Sharma
  • Coming soon


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