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Master in Materials Control and Sustainability (CDM)

The field of sustainability and materials control covers whole areas of both basic and applied research since it encompasses all stages of the development, use, degradation and recycling of materials.

The objective of the training is also to train students capable of taking responsibility in the field of characterization and control of materials in the analysis laboratory but also in direct relation with an industrial process.

As such, training affects a number of industrial fields such as metallurgy, ceramics, microelectronics, nanotechnologies, the cement industry, glasses …

This master will therefore train in research methods and approaches and will present outstanding scientific advances, all experimental methods as well as industrial applications in the field of materials control and characterization.

These theoretical and practical lessons are based on the know-how and areas of excellence of the support laboratories. They also aim to give students a high level professional training in the field of materials in relation to their various applications, including coatings, functionality and durability.

The existence of a very developed partnership between the University and companies allows the consequent intervention of actors of the industrial world.

The person in charge is: Bruno DOMENICHINI, PR

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Master International Physics, Photonics and Nanotechnology (PPN)

Physics, Photonics, & Nanotechnology (PPN) is a Master of Science in physics, which is fully taught in English for international students as well as for French students who would like to study in an international environment. PPN addresses all holders of a Bachelor of Science degree in physics.

It is organized by the Department of Physics of Sciences & Technology Faculty at the University of Burgundy, in cooperation with the Laboratory Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne (ICB).

PPN addresses modern concepts and state-of-the-art techniques in photonics, optical communications, nanotechnology, laser technology, and quantum dynamics and spectroscopy.

Special emphasis will be given to femtosecond laser science, nonlinear fiber optics, nano-optics, quantum control and quantum information, molecular spectroscopy, biophysics at the nanoscale, nanosensors & nano-characterization.

PPN is divided in six academic units, of 6 ECTS (European credits) and 60 hours each:

  • Ultrafast optics
  • Nanobiosciences
  • Solitons and optical communications
  • Advanced quantum physics: quantum dynamics  & spectroscopy
  • Photonics and nanosciences
  • Advanced laser technology and nanotechnology

It is completed by a 5 months master thesis (24 ECTS) in a research group of the Laboratory ICB. The student is recruited as a trainee during his master research by the University of Bourgogne.

The person in charge is : Stéphane GUERIN, PR

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Master in Processes and Materials (GM-PM)

The GM Master “Processes and Materials", is based on the research themes of the FEMTO-ST, UNITM and ICB laboratories of the UBFC and aims to introduce students to the scientific approach to research.

At the end of the “Processes and Materials" course, the graduate is able to:

Identify the processes suitable for manufacturing a given product,
Imagine and propose manufacturing strategies implementing one or more processes,
Implement these strategies in order to ensure that the product obtained meets the specifications, in particular in terms of geometry and mechanical properties of volume and surface.
The course consists of a semester of courses including 5 scientific UV and 1 UV of language / Humanities and a semester of internship in business (R&D) or laboratory.

Among the 5 scientific UVs, 3 are taught at the UTBM, one of them (M45) must have been followed the previous semester and will be recognized by equivalence for the Master course. The UV coating engineering will, on the other hand, be recognized in equivalence for students with a double course in the SMART sector of the GMC department of UTBM. Students in caesura semester will follow all the UV proposed.

The language and communication UV can also be obtained by equivalence according to the UTBM course.

The “Processes and Materials" course aims to train students for positions in industrial companies of large groups or smaller SMEs, design and engineering offices, Research & Development services, " control and certification bodies in relation to customers and various services (production, design office, maintenance, security, etc.)

The graduate can also work in public and private companies and research laboratories. He can also work in research and consultancy firms or in the public or territorial service. He can also prepare a doctorate in order to orient himself towards the professions of public or private research.

The person in charge is: Cécile LANGLADE

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Master pro: Processes, Controls, Metallic Materials: nuclear industry (PC2M)

This Professional Master, new since the start of the 2014 academic year, aims to give students the necessary skills as close as possible to current industrial needs, especially for the nuclear sector, representing 125,000 direct jobs and 285,000 indirect jobs in France. This sector is strongly established in the Burgundy region and was recognized through the creation, in 2005, of the PNB Competitiveness Cluster (Pôle Nucléaire de Bourgogne). This training is open exclusively through work-study (professionalization or apprenticeship contract).

It meets the recruitment needs of large companies such as AREVA or EDF who are massively hiring in view of the size of their current or future projects (55,000 jobs expected by 2020, all nuclear players combined). It is therefore essential to build on this pool of employment represented by the member companies of the PNB, high-level executive training for the design and production of parts used in nuclear power plants.

The training is based on fundamental aspects (physics of materials, physics and chemistry of metal alloys, behavior of materials and structures, modeling and simulation), as well as on practical and professional aspects (processes for developing parts, control and characterization of materials and structures, building codes and safety standards.

This Master also draws on the scientific skills of the ICB laboratory across its various sites (DIJON, Le CREUSOT, and CHALON / SAÔNE), as well as on the professional resources of PNB companies and AREVA groups (CHALON / SAÔNE and LE CREUSOT), CEA VALDUC, EDF and INDUSTEEL (LE CREUSOT).

The person in charge is : Jean-Philippe CHATEAU-CORNU, PR

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