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Advanced mechanical systems design

Principle of advanced mechanical systems design

This Industry 4.0-oriented research theme is positioned in the field of “Highly Productive", “Proactive" and “Agile" design of mechanical, even mechatronic, systems whose originality consists in generating substantial productivity gains in routine engineering, through better management and exploitation of technical information and business knowledge.

This knowledge-based engineering allows the automation of routine design activities, using, in particular, artificial intelligence techniques such as constraint propagation inference engines, or even decision support systems. using reasoning mechanisms based on ontologies, graph theory, etc. The stated objective is to apply these models, methods and tools in order to free up time and energy within the Design Offices and thus be able to carry out innovative engineering activities, with high added value, thus helping to design differently the within engineering teams thus foreshadowing a veritable “Design Office of the future”.

The work carried out falls within the framework of problems linked to Industry 4.0 and more particularly in the field of “Concurrent Engineering", Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), “Design For X" (Design For Manufacturing, Assembly, etc. .), “Design Automation" or “Lean Engineering".


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