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Administrative and financial service

Under the authority of the directors of the unit and the administrative manager, the Administrative and Financial Service of the ICB has as main missions:

  • Provide general administration of the unit and departments
  • Coordinate human resources management
  • Prepare the budget, distribute it and control its execution
  • Ensure the financial management of the laboratory, departments and teams
  • Monitor and justify contracts and grants
  • Public procurement: coordinate and pool the unit's purchases
  • Collect and update the various unit and department databases
  • Advise on financial and accounting regulations, and personnel management (role of administrators)

Claudine JONON


Phone : +33 3 80 39 60 00

Nathalie DUFOUR


Phone : +33 3 80 39 61 41 



Phone : +33 3 80 39 61 39

Organize the implementation of the direction of the unit's management, ensure its follow-up and coordination with the competent bodies and people, for the following areas:

  • General Administration
  • Budget – financial management
  • Purchases (needs analysis, financing plan, procedures …)
  • Monitoring and justification of contracts and grants
  • Human ressources
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Welcome visiting researchers – new entrants
  • Offer a local service to departments and teams
  • Provide researchers, qualified and versatile administrative staff

SAF workforce: 14
Dijon site: 11 CNRS and UB agents, including 2 part-time
Le Creusot site: 1 part-time CNRS ICB agent
Sevenans site: 2 UTBM agents, assigned to ICB


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