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CNRS Medals

Silver Medal

2015: Alain DEREUX, university professor for all of his research work covering nanophotonics and plasmonics in order to control optical phenomena at the sub-wavelength scale for optoelectronic and biomedical applications

2004: Guy MILLOT, university professor for his work (LPUB ex UMR 5027) on nonlinear phenomena in optical fibers

Bronze Medal

2012: Bertrand KIBLER, CNRS researcher for his work on the polarization of light in optical fibers

2002: Vincent VIGNAL, CNRS research director for his work (LRRS ex UMR 5613) on the reactivity of solids and the identification of elementary physicochemical processes responsible for the degradation of the oxide film and of the alloy underlying metal


Hans Fischer Fellowship Award

2015: Dominique SUGNY, university professor, awarded by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for his work on optimal control and optimization of images in medical imaging.

EOS Fellow

2020 : Guy MILLOT, researcher, awarded by the European Optical Society.

IUF Senior

Institut universitaire de France Award

2019: Guy Millot, researcher, for all of his research work covering photonics, more particularly non-linear phenomena in optical fibers, optical solitons, self-similar pulses, modulation instabilities, rogue waves and inconsistent nonlinear optics

IUF Junior

Institut universitaire de France Award

2017: Christophe Finot, teacher, for his research work on non-linear physics in the field of photonics

Prize Fabry – de Gramont

2020 – Bertrand Kibler, researcher, for his research work in the field of non-linear waves.

Outstanding Referee (Americal Physical Society)

2021 – Dominique Sugny, University Professor of Physics


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