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Innovation and Design Platform for Analysis and Simulation of Optical Systems (PICASSO)

PICASSO is a study platform for ultra-fast optical communications. It is located within the Carnot de Bourgogne Interdisciplinary Laboratory. It makes it possible in particular to study new optical devices in order to increase the throughput in optical fibers, (all-optical signal processing, new modulation format, component testing, etc.) but also to characterize special optical fibers of new generation as well as waveguides or the analysis of high bandwidth electrical signals. The PICASSO platform has above all a stimulating role with a collaborative research objective (publications) but is also open to manufacturers with the possibility of external services and the enhancement of its know-how.

  • Tests of opto-electronic components and equipment (large bandwidth of equipment: 500 GHz in optics, 50 GHz in electrical).
  • Development of special optical fibers: fibers in non-linear infrared glass (chalcogenides and tellurites, microstructured or conventional)
  • Fiber optic characterizations.
  • Welding of special optical fibers: microstructured, non-linear glasses. Production of stretched fibers and microfibers; Assembly of functionalized composite fiber ends. Large diameter fiber splices: power fiber lasers, transport of intense beams.
  • Characterization of lasers and optical pulses.
  • System environment tests with 10/40 Gbit / s error rate.
    Numerical simulations and modeling of optical systems.



Phone : +33 3 80 39 59 95


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