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Séminaire – C. Cheng

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mardi 28 mai 2019 mardi 28 mai 2019
+ Google Map Bâtiment Sciences Mirande – Dijon

Le chercheur Cunfeng Cheng, du Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Micro-scale de l’université de sciences et technologie de Chine, présentera un séminaire intitulé : 

Precision measurements on molecules

Ce séminaire aura lieu mardi 28 mai, dans la salle D115 du bâtiment Sciences Mirande, à 15h.

Résumé : Precision spectroscopy of molecules plays an important role in fundamental physics. The precision measurements of molecular hydrogen will be discussed as a good example to show our advanced spectroscopic technique. Molecular hydrogen (and its isotopologues) is the only neutral molecule expected to be both calculated and measured with extremely high accuracy. The precision measurements of the hydrogen molecule are used to test precise quantum chemistry theory and determine fundamental physical constants. Utilizing laser-based ultrasensitive spectroscopy methods, we study the overtone transitions of H 2 and saturated absorption of HD molecule. Further improvements based on a low temperature spectroscopy will be established. The developed methods are not only used to study fundamental problems, but also to develop applications in a broad area.



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