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Welcome on the Solitons, Lasers and Optical Communications website

of the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire CARNOT de Bourgogne


Equipe SLCO


Research Highlights

ERC Petal

Julien Fatome was just granted by the European Reserach Council (ERC) for his project PETAL:

Polarization condEnsation for Telecom

ERC Starting Grant, 2012-2017, 1.5 M€

The project ACTION involving FEMTO-ST, ICB and LNIO has been selected as a Labex. Bronze  

Bertrand KIBLER's work has been recognized by the 2012 CNRS bronze medal.  

Publication of a Review Article in Nature Photonics: "Dissipative Solitons for Mode-locked lasers" by Ph. Grelu and N. Akhmediev,  Vol. 6, February 2012.



First experimental demonstration of Peregrine's soliton




Soliton Peregrine  

ECOC 2010

L'équipe ICB SLCO a fait une démonstration live
de l'attracteur de polarisation
à ECOC 2010 (Turin)


New prototype of a 40-GHz pulse source