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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne


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 Phone: +33.380.396.026 / +33.380.396.034
Office: DR08
Operating rooms : Platform ARCEN-CARNOT
DS12, DS14, DS21-DS24


Dr. Eric LESNIEWSKA received his M.S. degree in Physics in 1986; and his PhD degree in Physics in 1991. After working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop STM and UHV-STM for biological applications as a postdoctoral fellow from 1991 to 1992, he returned to France in 1993 to become Assistant Professor in the Biophysics Laboratory of the INSERM  Department of Dijon Hospital University Center. In 1996, he joined the Physics Laboratory (CNRS UMR 2509) of university of Dijon. In 2006, he became Professor and develop his research in the Nanosciences department of the Institute Carnot of Bourgogne (ICB UMR 6303). Prof. Lesniewska’s research is focused on the development of new nanoprobes for pH, thermal and conductimetry measurements (AFM), development of new atomic force microscopy modes such as Scanning NearField Ultrasound Holography (SNFUH), Scanning Microwave Tomography, and applications to biosensors using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectrocopy (SERS). By his researches on living cells, biomimetic membranes, DNA-protein assemblies, and its application to the studies of biosensor devices, he is integrated in 2006 in the Research Training Networks FP6 (RTN) « Nanocem ». Since 2008, he is involved in the development of high-speed AFM imaging in collaboration with Biophysics Lab of the University of Kanazawa (Pr. T. Ando). A commercial version of HS-AFM has been developed by RIBM Co. in 2012. Since 2010, he is involved in the development of 3D tomography using micro-wave (SMM) or ultrasonic wave (UA-AFM) at various frequency. Since 2012, he is involved in the development of spectroscopic modes on AFM or HS-AFM platform such as IR spectroscopy, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. He is involved in the NanoSense Lab (ICB-ARDPI) in the development of SMM tip scanners. 


- Development of High Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (HS-AFM – collaboration Pr. T. Ando – Biophysic Lab., univ. Kanazawa, Japan) coupling with fluorescence microscopy and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS). Application on dynamics of proteins, nucleic acids, and polymers.
- Development of ultrasonic acoustic Mode on AFM microscope (UA-AFM – collaboration Dr. L. Tetard, Nanosciences Center, Univ. Central Florida, USA) coupling with IR analysis (nanoIR – collaboration Dr. A. Dazzi, LPC laboratory, Univ. Orsay Paris Sud, France). Application on cells and bacteria studies.
- Development of microwave spectroscopy (SMS- NanoSense Lab, Dijon, France). Applcation on nanoelectronics, metallic components, and cell biology.
- Development of IR spectroscopy (IR-AFM – collaboration Pr. A. Dazzi, Univ. Paris Sud, France). Application on bacteria, yeast, cells, hybrid structures.
- Development of Raman spectroscopy (SERS/HS-AFM - collaboration Dr. F. Canon, Inra Dijon, France). Application on protein-tanin interactions.
- Development of Scanning Force Spectroscopy and scanning microwave microscopy in fluid (SFS & fluid SMM - collaboration Pr. P. Hinterdorfer, Univ. Linz, Austria). Applications on estrogen-receptor interactions, on sensor developments, and cell biology.

Research integration:
- Project Investigator in 7 national research programs ANR PCV, ANR PNANO, PRCE, i-Site UBFC
- Project Investigator in 47 industrial research programs (ATHIL, Lafarge, GlaxoSmithkline, Pfeizer, Capsugel, Urgo, Sika Technology AG, Armor Proteines, Savencia, Veeco Inst., etc)
- Consortium Member of international project HS- AFM (2009-current )
- Consortium Member of European project NANOCEM and Marie Curie RTN FP6 « Nanoscience of Cementitious Material » (2006-2009)
- Program Committee Member of diverse international conferences (SPM, WBMA)

Research interest: Scanning Probe Microscopy (STM, AFM, PSTM, SNOM, UA-AFM, SMM, HS-AFM, IR-AFM, SERS/HS-AFM), development of specific probes for pH, thermal, conductimetry measurements. Development of techniques (L-SPR, SERS) useful for biosensors.


Publication record
- Invited talks: 53 invited talks in international conferences
- Papers: 112 papers in peer-reviewed journals (2017)
- Citations: total number = 2968 (All) - 1151 (since 2012), h-index=30 , i10-index=53
- Patents: 2

Activity as expert evaluator
- Evaluator of ANR, ERC grants
- Reviewer for different journals


Teaching activities:
- International Master of Physics, Photonics, Nanotechnology (PPN) 
- International Master of Nanomedecine and Molecular Imaging (LipTherapI)
- Master of Procédés, Contrôles, Matériaux Métalliques : Industrie du Nucléaire (PC2M)
- Master Biologie et Produits de Santé (BIOPS)



- Head of OSNC group
- Member of Scientific Committee of LabEx ACTION

- Member of CA Faculty of Health Sciences (UFR Sciences de Santé)
- Member of strategic committee 

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