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 Bureau: Aile DR09


Dr. Eric BOURILLOT received his M.S. degree in Physics in 1989, his PhD degree in Physics in 1993 and its HDR in 2003. In 1994, he became Assistant Professor in the Physics Laboratory (LPUB, CNRS UMR 2509) of university of Dijon then of the Interdisciplinary Carnot of Bourgogne laboratory (ICB UMR 6303). He is promoted MCF-HC to the CNU in 2009. These research interest cover development of new imaging investigation techniques based on scanning probe microscopy: near field optic, acoustic, microwave, high-speed atomic force microscopy, infra-red spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy (SERS), and nanoprobe development: bent fiber-tip, TERS nanoprobes. These developments have been devoted in guided optic to the study of the opto-geometrical properties (actives and passives components) to determine mode-cutoff wavelengths, localization of doping erbium, mode of InP laser diode (Thomson, Alcatel, CSEM). In material science, these research are devoted to the non-destructive detection of early defects (Groupe IMI), inclusions, measurement of gradual changes due to diffusion of light chemical elements, and microstructural changes like residual stresses (Areva, C&K components, Dielh, INFIPLAST, Bio-Rad ...). In biology, these research concerned the study of living cell, bacteria for biofuel production, dynamics of Small heat shock proteins oligomerization.


Current Projects:

- Coordinator of mixed laboratory NanoSense Lab (ICB/ARDPI) : Development of microwave spectroscopy. Applcation on nanoelectronics, metallic components, and cell biology.
- Development of High Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (HS-AFM – collaboration Pr. T. Ando – Biophysic Lab., univ. Kanazawa, Japan) coupling with fluorescence microscopy and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS). Application on dynamics of proteins, nucleic acids, and polymers.
- Development of ultrasonic acoustic Mode on AFM microscope (UA-AFM – collaboration Dr. L. Tetard, Nanosciences Center, Univ. Central Florida, USA) coupling with IR analysis (nanoIR – collaboration Dr. A. Dazzi, LPC laboratory, Univ. Orsay Paris Sud, France). Application on cells and bacteria studies.
- Development of IR spectroscopy (IR-AFM – collaboration Pr. A. Dazzi, Univ. Paris Sud, France). Application on bacteria, yeast, cells, hybrid structures.
- Development of Raman spectroscopy (SERS/HS-AFM - collaboration Dr. F. Canon, Inra Dijon, France). Application on protein-tanin interactions.
- Development of Scanning Force Spectroscopy and scanning microwave microscopy in fluid (SFS & fluid SMM - collaboration Pr. P. Hinterdorfer, Univ. Linz, Austria). Applications on estrogen-receptor interactions, on sensor developments, and cell biology.

Research integration:
- Project Investigator in 5 national research programs ANR PCV, ANR PNANO, i-Site UBFC
- Project Investigator in 27 industrial research programs (AREVA, CEA, C&K components, Groupe IMI, ARDPI, DIELH, Bio-Rad, etc)
- Consortium Member of european project
BCR (FRED) 1994-1997, "Characterization of doped optical fibers, manufacturing and control tips for the near field optic microscopy to near field, development and construction of a near-field microscope"

Research interest:Scanning Probe Microscopy (STM, AFM, PSTM, SNOM, UA-AFM, SMM, HS-AFM, IR-AFM, SERS/HS-AFM), development of specific probes for microwave measurements. Development of techniques (L-SPR, SERS) useful for biosensors.


Publication record
-Invited talks: 33 talks in international and National conferences
-Papers: 67 papers in peer-reviewed journals (2017)
-Citations: total number = 1878 (All), h-index=17, i10-index=28
-Patents: 2

Activity as expert evaluator
- Evaluator of ANR ASTRID, Doctoral research allowance
- Reviewer for different journals


June 1997, Nanotechnology Prize, Ministry of National Education, Research and Technology.


Teaching activities:
- Master of Procédés, Contrôles, Matériaux Métalliques : Industrie du Nucléaire (PC2M)

- Master of Relation Hôte Greffon

- Master of Nanotechnologies et Nanobiosciences
- L2 Physic


-ESIREM engineering school


- Coordinator of NanoSense Lab since 2015

- Head of Master Nanotechnology and Nanobioscience (2004 - 2017)

- Head for the mention of the Master Materials Science (2012 - 2016)

- Head of DESS in Nanotechnology (2001 - 2004)

- Member elected to the Research Commission of the University of Burgundy since 2005

- Member elected to the Academic Council of the University of Burgundy since 2014

- Member of the ICB laboratory board (2007-2016)

- Vice-president in charge of training at the PNB cluster (2012-2017) - Establishment of the professional master by alternation in 2013 : Procédés, Contrôles, Matériaux Métalliques : Industrie du Nucléaire (PC2M)