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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne

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ICQ project on ozone and its isotopomers will be funded by the national program LEFE-CHAT

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The project "Reactive processes involving ozone and its isotopomers as intermediate complexes in the stratosphere", which involves ICB researchers from the ICQ department (G. Guillon, P. Honvault, M. Lepers, E. Privat) for the theoretical aspect and the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires of Bordeaux for the experimental aspect, has been selected and will be funded by the French national program LEFE-CHAT of INSU (CNRS).

This project will contribute to a better understanding of the anomalous isotopic enrichment of oxygen 17 and 18 during the formation of ozone O3 in the stratosphere, that remains unexplained today.

Learn more about the national program LEFE-CHAT

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