Micro/nano characterization center

The Centre for Micro / Nano Characterization is an entity of the Analysis and Instrumentation Technical Department (DTAI) of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Carnot de Bourgogne (ICB). The CMNC is also attached to the Federation of Research Material Sciences & Technology (SMT FR 2604) which is a research center of unifying nature operating under the supervision of the University of Bourgogne, CNRS, CEA and Arts & Métiers ParisTech. All the CMNC facilities are also integrated into the platform ARCEN Carnot which is devoted to the management of medium and heavy pooled equipment for customers in the field of characterization and manufacturing.

The CMNC supplies technical support to the scientific community and industry by providing efficient equipment. Instruments managed by the CMNC are divided into five services:

  • Bulk and Powdery materials characterization center, C2MD2
  • X-ray diffraction, XRD
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy, SEM
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy, TEM
  • Analysis of Surfaces and Interfaces, SIMS / XPS / AES

Each service manages and operates its equipment and offers training to users. These users are a diverse community: ICB, laboratories either within UB or external universities, Faculty of Pharmacy, private and industrial laboratories, Welience (technology transfer company of the UB) .... Research areas relates to chemistry, physics, pharmacy, medicine, archeology, metallurgy, electronics ...