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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne


TitanMolecules-small quantum chemistry-small


Methane and planetology

     See also: ANR CH4@Titan (2009–2012)


• Molecular spectra analyses and applications to planetary atmospheres

Some examples of analyzed spectra
Spectroscopy in a degenerate electronic state


Spectral line shapes


• Programs and spectroscopic databases

See also :
Calculated methane line list: MeCaSDa database
Calculated sulfur hexafluoride line list  SHeCaSDa database
Calculated carbon tetrefluoride line list  TFMeCaSDa database
- Calculated ruthenium tetroxide line list: RuCaSDa database
Calculated germane line list: GeCaSDa database

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The ICB page on the VAMDC site.


• Ab initio calculations for molecular dynamics and spectroscopy


• Reaction quantum dynamics


• Atomic physics and nanocells


Gestion des données de la recherche (Eng)

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