Laser-induced molecular alignment



Quantum control with ultrashort and intense laser pulses

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Collisionnal dyamics in gas mixtures



Laser filamentation

Atoms and molecules exposed to a non-resonant intense (10-100 TW/cm²) laser field exhibit highly nonlinear dynamics that has motivated a wealth of experimental and theoretical studies and led to the observation of phenomena such as above-threshold ionization (ATI), high-harmonics generation (HHG), attosecond pulses generation, or filamentation. Our current activity is devoted to the study of such highly nonlinear phenomena from both experimental and theoretical point of views.



Filamentation, modulational instability, Time-dependent Schrödinger equation, unidirectional propagation equation, supercontinuum, few-cycles pulse generation

Applications & development

  •  Micro-machining
  • Surface patterning