Femtosecond Processes & intense Lasers


Since 1999, the PFL team has developed a research activity in the field of the generation and exploitation of controlled molecular dynamics. With its pioneering work on optically probed laser-induced field-free molecular alignment and its expertise on control by pulse shaping techniques, the team has notably contributed to the development of a research topic becoming today the scientific target of several international leading groups. The originality of the group relies on the use of all optically probed short-pulse molecular alignment associated with close and open loop control strategies.

Highlights of the scientific achievements of the PFL group in strong field interactions of laser radiation with matter include:

  • demonstration of optically probed field-free molecular alignment
  • implementation of field-Free two-direction alignment of linear molecules
  • development of novel approaches for the control and optimization of field-free molecular alignment by phase-shaped laser pulses
  • implementation of three-dimensional molecular alignment using elliptically polarized laser pulses
  • observation of high-order Kerr nonlinearities in gases and its consequences on short laser pulse propagation
  • experimental implementation of laser-induced field-free permanent planar alignment of molecules