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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne

Open & running positions


Post-doctoral fellowships, PhD theses, training periods offers 2018-2019

BH2N group does not offer any PhD or Post-doc position currently.

2nd-year Master's training period offer (Feb-Jul 2019): Nanoparticles of metal oxides for medical imaging and therapy: targeting of pathologies thanks to biological molecules (Apply on ABG's website)


Running PhD theses

Innovative bioassays for the evaluation of nanoparticle toxicity
PhD thesis labelled "Young Researcher Entrepeneur", regional funds
Annette Luce Co-supervisor: Nadine Millot
Co-supervisor: Marie-Christine Chagnon (AgroSup Dijon)

Running training periods


Amar Alok (international Master PPN's student) is welcome by Nadine Millot.


  • Hanen Hajji (IPEIM's PhD student, Monastir, Tunisia) was welcome by Nadine Millot
  • Jeevana Sriskanthan (M1 student) worked on iron oxide nanoparticles. She was supervized by Lionel Maurizi
  • Florian Marquenet (M2 student) worked on tantalum nanoparticles. He was supervized by Julien Boudon
  • Victoire Asila (M2 student) worked on iron oxide nanoparticles. She was supervized by Lionel Maurizi
  • Ayse Uyanik (undergraduate, L3 chemistry student), and Nimisha Singh, (SVNIT's PhD student, Raman-Charpak fellowship, Surat, India) were welcome by Nadine Millot
  • Adrien Maire and Clémence Senez (undergraduate, L3 SVTE student) worked on mesoropous silica nanoparticles. They were supervized by Frédéric Bouyer
  • Fadoua SALLEM, PhD: Synthesis and characterization of functionalized titanate nanotubes, PhD thesis under joint supervision France-Tunisia
    Co-supervisor: Nadine Millot, co-supervisor: Adel Megriche (University El Mannar, Tunisia)
  • Alexis LOISEAU, PhD: Radiosensibilizing titanate nanotubes acting as nanocarriers of therapeutic agents on prostate tumors
    Main supervisor: Nadine Millot, deputy supervisor: Julien Boudon
  • Margaux DESSEIGNE, MSc.: tantalum oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications (Supervisor: Julien Boudon)
  • Fabien VADOT, undergraduate M1 student: iron oxide nanoparticles (Supervisor: Lionel Maurizi)
  • Guillaume BAI, MSc.: mesoporous silica nanoparticles (Supervisor: Frédéric Bouyer)
  • Damien GOULLEY: mesoporous silica nanoparticles (Supervisor: Frédéric Bouyer)

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