Nanosciences department

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid nanoparticles and nanostructures, including medical applications

V. Bérard (MCF), J. Boudon (MCF), F. Bouyer (MCF), D. Chaumont (MDC), L. Maurizi (CR), N. Millot (PR)


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Development of multi-frequency analysis and spectroscopic modes on atomic force microscopy

C. Andres (MCF), E. Bourillot (MCF), Y. Lacroute (IGE), E Lesniewska (PR)

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Plasmonics and optics for biosensing

T. David (MCF), A. Dereux (PR), E. Finot (PR), A. Leray (CR), L. Markey (IR)

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Numerical simulations of proteins and nanostructures

P. Delarue (MCF), A. Nicolai (MCF), L. Saviot (DR), P. Senet (PR)

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