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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne

MILLOT Nadine (English version)

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 Office: C418A

Nanosciences Department

Group (Bio-)hybrid nanoparticles & nanostructures BH2N

Full Professor (PR1)

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Until 2007: The originality of the approach I have undertaken to synthesize and study nanomaterials was to jointly control the morphology, the size distribution, the nature of the interfaces and the stoichiometry of the products. Indeed, many controversies in literature come from the non-control of one of these parameters (evolution of the lattice parameters, phase transition temperatures...). Some of these controversies have thus been excluded thanks to the approach I have developed.

After 2007 (after my habilitation): I refocused my work to initiate, in my laboratory, a new thematic about bioapplications of nanopowders.


Head of Resarch Team (Bio-)hybrid nanoparticles & nanostructures BH2N


The key nanomaterials studied are:
- SPIONs (SuperParamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles) for multimodal imaging (MRI/PET and MRI/optical imaging). Two strengths are put to use (i) the originality of their simultaneous synthesis and colloidal stabilization in one step through a hydrothermal synthesis device working continuously (synthesis time <10 s, conditions T, P up to the supercritical water field) and (ii) the association of these nanoparticles with innovative chelating agents (NODAGA, MANOTA etc.) or innovative fluorophores (phtalocyanine in particular).
- Titanate nanotubes (TiONts) that few teams in the world are able to synthesize. For the first time, these nanoparticles are developed for applications related to their ability to be internalized in various cell types. They have proven themselves for DNA transfection and radiosensitizing of tumors (glioblastoma and prostate cancer).



- Principal investigator of a scientific project supported by joint funds through the CNRS/Burgundy Council/University of Burgundy trilateral agreement: 3MIM ("Marquage de Molécules par les Métaux pour l’Imagerie Médicale", in English "Labelling of Molecules with Metals for Medical Imaging"), Project: "Multifonctionnal nanomaterials for biomedical applications":

This project involves collaborative efforts from 19 researchers spread over three laboratories of the University of Burgundy (ICB, ICMUB, LE2I), two hospitals (CHU de Dijon and CGFL) and a biotechnology company (NVH Medicinal)

- Principal investigator and founder of "Bourgogne-Nanocare" platform, Satt Grand Est (Welience), in collaboration with INSERM U866: development of cytotoxicity assays, genotoxicity assays, DCFDA cellular ROS detection assays, ecotoxicity assays (Zebrafish), biodistribution studies (MRI, PET, SPECT, OI) to evaluate nanoparticle toxicity or safety profile

Nanocare Platform


- Principal investigator of a thematic in the Equipex IMAPPI (Integrated Magnetic resonance And Positron emission tomography in Preclinical Imaging) funded by the General Commission for Investment and the French Government- One scientific project in progress for the development of bimodal contrast agents based on SPIONs (MRI/PET)

Equipex IMAPPIinvest avenir 164433

- Principal investigator of two projects with the radiotherapy department of the French Comprehensive Cancer Center

"Titanate nanotubes as new nanovectors of radiosensitizers: internalization, radiosensitizing and biodistribution of these nanohybrids, vectors of docetaxel, in case of prostate cancers in nude mouse model " (co-principal investigator Prof. G. Créhange). Project funded by the Cancer League "Grand-Est" (2012/2013)

"Nanohybrids based on titanate nanotubes and gold nanoparticles as new radiosensitizers of prostate cancer". Project funded by the Greater East Cancer Research Clusters (2015/2017)


- Principal investigator of an agreement with the biotechnology company NVH Medicinal (signed in 2010 for 4 years and renewed in 2015). Scientific topic: nanoparticles, proteins and regenerative medicine

NVH Medicinal

- Principal investigator of a scientific theme inside PARI2 Nano2Bio (2014/2020): "Nanoparticles for the vectorization of drugs and for regenerative medicine"


♦ 64 peer reviewed publications

 Publications from Web of Science

Researcher unique identifiers:

Google Scholar

 0000-0002-0127-3858 (ORCID ID)

M-5589-2016 (Researcher ID)

55919080100 (SCOPUS ID), Scopus Author

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Special Issue "Biomedical Applications of Nanoparticles"


 ♦ 1 international patent "Titanate nanostructures for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering", WO 2014/079890 A1   Millot Nadine, Vandroux David, Bellat Vanessa

 ♦ 12 conference proceedings (two of them referenced by Sci. Finder Scholar)

 ♦ 2 book chapters:

Nanomedicine (One Central Press, UK 2014) "Titanate nanotubes as a versatile platform for nanomedicine" J. Boudon, A.L. Papa, J. Paris, N. Millot



Unraveling the Safety Profile of Nanoscale Particles and Materials - From Biomedical to Environmental Applications

"Toxicological risk assessment of emerging nanomaterials: cytotoxicity, cellular uptake, effects on biogenesis and cell organelle activity, acute toxicity and biodistribution of oxide nanoparticles" L. Maurizi, A.L. Papa, J. Boudon, S. Sruthi, B. Pruvot, D. Vandroux, J. Chluba, G. Lizard, N. Millot, Chapter 2, Edited by Andreia C. Gomes and Marisa P. Sarria, InTech - open science, 2018 ISBN 978-953-51-3940-9, Published: March 21, 2018



1 popular article: "Nanoparticules : de nouveaux outils thérapeutiques déjà éprouvés. Danger ou formidable espoir pour la société ?" N. Millot, Réalités Pédiatriques – n° 207_Janvier 2017

RP 207 Couverture

Relevant publications of the last years:

  1.  "Taxane-grafted metal-oxide nanoparticles as a new theranostic tool against cancer: the promising example of docetaxel-functionalized titanate nanotubes in preclinical development on prostate tumors", A. Loiseau, J. Boudon, C. Mirjolet, G. Créhange, N. Millot, Adv. Healthcare Mater. 1700245 (2017)
  2. "One-step continuous synthesis of functionalized magnetite nanoflowers", G. Thomas, F. Demoisson, R. Chassagnon, E. Popova, N. Millot, Nanotechnology 27, 135604-135619 (2016)
  3. "Influence of surface charge and polymer coating on internalization and biodistribution of PEG-modified iron oxide nanoparticles", L. Maurizi, A.L. Papa, L. Dumont, F. Bouyer, D. Vandroux, P. Walker, N. Millot, J. Biomed. Nanotechnol. 11, 126–136 (2015)
  4. "Titanate nanotubes: towards a novel and safer nanovector for cardiomyocytes", A.L. Papa, L. Dumont, D. Vandroux, N. Millot, Nanotoxicology 7 (6), 1131 (2013)
  5. "The radiosensitization effect of titanate nanotubes as a new tool in radiation therapy for glioblastoma: a proof-of-concept", C. Mirjolet, A.L. Papa, G. Créhanges, G. Truc, P. Maingon, N. Millot, Radioth. Oncol. 108, 136 (2013)


195 communications:

28 invited conferences (14 in international congresses)

13 invited seminars (5 abroad)

13 popular science lectures (with personal invitation)


European Ceramic Society award (Brighton, UK), 1998

French Ceramic Society award (Paris, France), 1998

JECH award (Paris, France, Heterogeneous Kinetic), 1998


Principal investigator and founder of the national training action ANF NanoMed 2018

ANF NanoMed 2018 (few photographs)

IMG 3311 2


Member of the scientific committee of ICONAN 2016, 2017 and 2018


Some upcoming or recent communications:


  • Biomedical applications of nanoparticles: new nanoplatforms for theranostic. Some examples in oncology, cardiovascular diseases, gene therapy and neurosciences, N. Millot, "IV Congreso Internacional de Salud Integral, IX Congreso Francés de Ciencias y Tecnologías Avanzadas, I Congreso Internacional de l'APSP”, 27-29 October 2016, Santa Marta (Colombia), Invited Conference
  • Innovative SPIONs for multimodal imaging: MRI/PET and MRI/optical imaging, J. Boudon, G. Thomas, J. Paris, L. Maurizi, N. Millot, ICONAN 2016, 28-30 September 2016, Paris (France)
  • Preclinical development of a titanate-docetaxel nanohybrid for the treatment of prostate cancer, J. Boudon, C. Mirjolet, A. Loiseau, G. Créhange, N. Millot, MRS Fall Meeting, 29 novembre-4 December 2015, Boston (USA)
  • DOTA-Functionalized Magnetite Nanoparticles as Contrast Agents for MRI/PET Double Imaging, G. Thomas, F. Demoisson, J. Boudon, J. Paris, N. Millot, Nano 2014, 13-18 Jully 2014, Moscou (Russia), Invited Conference
  • Development of novel versatile theranostic platforms: from SPIONs to titanate nanotubes, N. Millot, 4th Zing Bionanomaterials Conference, 6-9 April 2014, Narja (Spain), Invited Conference


Principal advisor of International Relations of ESIREM, Materials Department

Principal advisor of ESIREM internships, Materials Department (for the past 12 years)

Control of the placement of 45 students each year, co-writing of a quality charter on internships, advice for students, personal placement of 5 to 10 students each year, administrative follow-up of internships, choice of the tutors at the university, organization of the oral defenses.



Teaching duties 2015/2016:

ESIREM 3rd year, "Cristallography", Lecture (15 h), Tutorial (24 h)

ESIREM 4th and 5th years, "Responsibility of internships" (34 h)

ESIREM 4th and 5th years, "Ceramic", Tutorial (6 h), Practical Work (56 h)

BSc in Chemistry (Licence 3), "Nanopowders", Lecture (18 h), Practical Work (21 h)

Master 2 Nanosciences and Master 2 CDM (Control and Durability of Materials)

"The impact of nanomaterials on Health and Safety", Lecture (12 h)

"Nanohybrids: Biomedical Applications", Lecture (6 h)

Author of an educational book, Lavoisier Editions (Paris, February 2014) "Cristallographie Géométrique - Cours - Exercices et Problèmes corrigés" (266 pages), Nadine MILLOT, Jean-Claude NIEPCE, Graduate-level, Engineering school

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* Member of the steering committee of the C'Nano Grand-Est (since 2018)

Logo CNano Grand Est

* Member of the steering committee of the C'Nano France (since 2018)

Logo CNano National

* Selection Committee Chair for Chemistry of the University of Burgundy 31/32/33 sections

* Member of the scientific committee of the GIS Pharmaco-Imagery (since its creation in 2016)

*  Member of the BFCare cluster (since 2008)


* Elected member of CNU, section 31 (alternate) (in 2015-2016)

* Expert of the ANR agency, of the F.R.S.-FNRS (Belgium) and of several universities

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