Vincent VIGNAL (version anglaise)


Vincent VIGNAL defended his pHD thesis at the University Bordeaux I in november 1996 (in the field of Mechanics-Corrosion). He was then employed at the University of Hokkaido (Japan) as a researcher for 1 year (1997-1998). He entered CNRS in 1998 at ICB (UMR 6303 CNRS-Université de Bourgogne). He is now Director of Research at CNRS (from 2012). Expertise : Corrosion of metals and alloys, Surface mechanics, metallurgy, relationships between microstructure, surface stress/strain and corrosion


  • V. Vignal, D. Ba, H. Zhang, F. Herbst and S. Le Manchet, Influence of the grain orientation spread on the pitting corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steels using Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Critical Pitting Temperature test at the microscale, Corrosion Science, 68, pp. 275-278 (2013).
  • V. Vignal, H. Krawiec, O. Heintz and D. Mainy, Passive properties of lean duplex stainless steels after long-term ageing in air studied using EBSD, AES, XPS and local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Corrosion Science, 67, pp. 109-117 (2013).
  • O. Assowe, O. Politano, V. Vignal, P. Arnoux and B. Diawara, A reactive force field molecular dynamics simulation study of corrosion of nickel, Defect and Diffusion Forum, vol. 323-325, pp. 139-145 (2012).
  • H. Krawiec, Z. Szklarz and V. Vignal, Influence of applied strain on the microstructural corrosion of AlMg2 as-cast aluminium alloy in sodium chloride solution, Corrosion Science, 65, pp. 387-396 (2012).
  • J. Gravier, V. Vignal and S. Bissey-Breton, Influence of residual stress, surface roughness and crystallographic texture induced by machining on the corrosion behaviour of copper in salt-fog atmosphere, Corrosion Science, 61, pp. 162-170 (2012).


  • 60 hours per year at AGH University of Science and technology (Krakow, Poland), Thematics : ‘Selected Problems in Surface Engineering’ and ‘Numerical Simulation and Experimental Methods for Mechanical Characterization of Solid Surfaces’
  • Levels Master 2, PhD students and permanent formations

Coordination duties

  • Director of the laboratory LRC LIMPE n°DAM-VA-11-02,
  • invited Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow (Poland),


  • Scientific Advisor of the CEA Valduc