CHEN-PERDEREAU Xiao (version anglaise)


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  Office D314

 Department  OMR



  • Ph.D in sciences of physics, atom-light interaction, Belgium-Switzerland.
  • Research in CERN : High energy particles interactions with the Aleph detector at LEP.
  • Research and development in VIRGO : Laser and interferometry in gravitational wave detection.
  • Research in Nonlinear optics in Dijon.
  • Educative research, scientific and linguistic supervisor of the national mirror site of "La Main à la Pâte" in China, invited by the Ministry of Education of China (2003-2005).
  • Studies and translations on the topic of French and Chinese education systems for UNESCO (2005)
  • Invited Professor of North West University of China.
  • Director of the Chinese Studies Center of Burgundy University 2010-2013.
  • Co-Chair of the scientific sessions including «Characteristic spectral and temporal patterns in speech signals» in the International Congress on Acoustics, member of the Technical Committee of the Acoustical Society of America 2014-2018.


  • Congé de Recherche et Conversion thématique 2015-2016 at 50%.
  • Co-organisation of the joint scientific sessions in Signal processing and Speech communication in the International Conferences on Acoustics in USA.
  • Scientific collaborations and publication of books.


 Read her publications indexed by Web of Science

  • A Collective Binomial Learning Methodology », Chapiter 82, Page 671-674, in Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex System 2012, Editors: Thomas Gilbert, Markus Kirkilionis, Gregoire Nicolis, ISBN 978-3-319-00394-8, SPRINGER Dordrecht Heidelberg 2013.
  • « Decrease of pitch perception ambiguity in tone language processing », Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 133, No. 5, Pt. 2 of 2, pp. 3573, 2013.


  • Intervention in the Colloque « Sciences in primary school : France-China Meeting IV » (2003), cited in the repport of the organiser (Académie des Sciences).
  • "Selected prosody features in an accent learning system", International Conference on Acoustics, Providence, USA, 2014.
  • "Objective indicators for Mandarin fluency assessment", Intenational Congress on Applied Linguistics, Brisebane, Australia, 2014.
  • Invited talk "Speech Rhythm Processing", International Conference on Acoustics, Pittsburgh, USA, 2015.


  • Sciences of physics
  • Chinese language
  • Civilisation


My scientifical and philosophical interest follows two axes which inspire mutuelly:

  • Axis 1. Méthodology in the understanding of the fondamental interactions in physical systems.
  • Axis 2. Méthodology in the understanding of the language interactions in the education systems.

Actually I use physical tools, for example acoustic methods, in my studies of learning system, in order to characterize quantitatively the spoken foreign language learning including Chinese Mandarin.