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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne

HERTZ Edouard (English)

edouard-hertz   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 +33 (0)3-80-39-59-94
 Office: D214
 OMR Departement/ PFL team
 Grade: Ass. Professor


E. Hertz did his PhD at the University of Burgundy with a research topic related to the coherent control by laser fields. He has worked then two years as a post-doctoral researcher at FORTH-IESL (Heraklion-Greece) on experimental optimal control and characterization of attosecond laser pulses. He became associate professor in the PFL team in 2002 and his work focuses on several research topics associated to femtosecond laser interactions.

Key words: laser control, molecular alignment by ultra-short laser pulse, optical diagnostic by time-resolved spectroscopy techniques, ionization and laser filamentation…


Ongoing projects

  • Local scientific coordinator ANR CoConicS (11/ 2013 - 10/2017) coordinator F. GATTI
  • Partner of Labex project « ACTION » porteur : Michel de LABACHELERIE

Past projects

  • Partner of ITN project (Marie Curie Initial Training Networks) FASTQUAST (Ultrafast control of quantum systems by strong laser fields), coordinators S. Guérin, H. R. Jauslin 2008 / 2011
  • Partner of ANR project CoMoc (Control of molecular processes in contact with an environment), coordinators S. Guérin   11/2007-09/2011
  • Marie Curie European Reintegration Grant project MODISH “Molecular gas diagnostic with short laser pulses” (2004-2005)
  • Contract with Fastlite company for the develoment of a single shot autocorrelator at 1054 nm.
  • Coordinator of CNRS « femtosecond technology» project “Research project   of a single shot autocorrelator “


  • “Stratégies de contrôle pour la manipulation spatiale de molécules”, E. Hertz, Z. Hoque, B. Lavorel, O. Faucher, 9th Journées des Phénomènes Ultrarapides, Rouen, 17-19 Oct. (2011)
  • “Experimental studies of quantum control in atoms” , D.Charalambidis , N.E. Karapanagioti, D. Xenakis, C. Fotakis, O. Faucher, E. Hertz, S. Cavalieri, R. Eramo, L. Fini, and M. Materazzi, 9th international symposium on resonance ionization spectroscopy: new directions & applications (RIS 98) Manchester, U.K, 21- 25 Juin (1998)
  • “Determination of ionization probabilities calibrated with field-free molecular alignment”,  E.Hertz, V. Loriot, A. Rouzée, B. Lavorel, O. Faucher ECONOS Smolenice (Republique Slovaque) 9-11 Avril (2006).
  • “Contrôle de paquets d'ondes rotationnels par mise en forme d'impulsions”,  E.Hertz, M. Renard, V. Renard, B. Lavorel, O. Faucher, JPU 2003 - 6èmes journées des phénomènes ultra-rapides Mittelwihr 22-24 octobre (2003).
  •  “Concentration and temperature measurements in gases with femtosecond Raman spectroscopy”, B. Lavorel, E. Hertz, O. Faucher, R. Saint-Loup, H. Tran, and P. Joubert, Gordon "12th Gordon Research Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Combustion" Oxford (UK) August 17-22 (2003).


  • Deputy director of Physics Department since 2013
  • Member of the Laboratory Council

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