CHASSAGNON Rémi (version anglaise)

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 Bureau: ARCEN   
 Analyses and Instrumentation Technical Department: Micro/Nano Characterization Center


Dr. R. Chassagnon, received M.S. degrees in Physics and Materials and Surfaces Science from Claude Bernard University of Lyon, France, in 1995, and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering, Microstructure, Mechanical Behavior, Sustainability: “HRTEM & ELNES contributions of numerical simulations to the interfacial characterization: example of corundum/Mg2Si interface produced in solid state” from the National Institute of Applied Sciences, INSA of Lyon, France in 2000. His thesis work involved putting JEOL JEM2010F TEM through its paces to characterize the adhesion of Mg2Si compound on ceramic particles inserted in an aluminum based alloy using two high spatial resolution techniques. As a post-doctoral fellow and as an analyst engineer in 2001 and 2002, he joined the physical failure analysis department of AltisSemiconductor, a joint venture between Infineon Technologies (Siemens subsidiary) and IMD (IBM's microelectronics division), Corbeil-Essonnes, France. His work, as TEM analyst, was to provide benefits failure analysis in integrated circuit to support the needs of customers in providing reliable and high quality electronic products. Rémi’s work as an ICB senior research officer focuses on the management of the TEM center.


  • 2004, 2005, 2007: purchase of three transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and accessories, JEOL JEM-2100 (LaB6), JEOL JEM-2100F.
  • 2003/2005 & 2007/2009: architect adviser for the conception and design of TEM rooms.
  • 2008 TEM characterizations for European project IDEAL Cell (Innovative Dual mEmbrAne fueL Cell).
  • 2012/2015: co-leader of workpackage 3 “materials and forming process, identification of the physicochemical, mechanical, and structural properties of cut materials influencing tool wear” of the DeQualC FUI project.
  • 2015/…: implantation/development of transmission electron tomography


  • 2005/2006, co-supervision (V.Potin, lecturer) of a M.S. intern, study title “Electronic microscopy study of a heterogeneous weld Ta/TA6V”;
  • 2006/2007, co-supervision (V. Vignal, research fellow) of a postdoc on behalf of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) on “Transmission Electron Microscopy study of precipitation states in an 7020 aluminium based alloy able to develop a structural hardening process. Influence of heat treatment and ageing conditions”
  • 2009/2010, co-supervision (V. Vignal, research fellow) of an assistant research officer on behalf of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) of Valduc on “Microstructure and mechanical behavior of a 7020-T652 aluminium based alloy welded seam according to post weld heat treatment”
  • 2011, co-supervision (V. Vignal, research fellow) of a postdoc on the previous subject “research on aluminium based alloy welded seam”
  • 2013/2015, supervision of two technicians as part of the DeQualC project funded through the Single Interministry Fund (FUI) on “XRD, optical, SEM, TEM characterizations of various steels for optimization of cutting tools”


2007/2011 : Elected member of the laboratory board